Artemisia is a therapeutic plant that will not only control the mosquito population in your house but also will render them ineffective to transmit deadly diseases like Dengue, Malaria & Chicken Gunia once they come in contact with the plant. You can place the plant in your balcony or indoors. Artemisia plant emits a wonderful fragrance, which helps in purifying the air you breathe. This is particularly helpful to those suffering from respiratory issues. Apart from making the surrounding atmosphere pollution free, Artemisia is also considered to be anti fungal and anti bacterial. Artemisia is a wonder plant that helps promote health and prevent diseases.

Posted on jan 2, 2016

Artemisia: A Sanjeevani

A big issue which has arisen nowadays is “Climate Disturbances”. Climate threats are due to lack of awareness and knowledge about our environment and people don’t know what exactly they must do to preserve their atmosphere, their surroundings. There is a saying that, any big change in the society happens from a small change or from a small idea only. These climate issues will not get resolve in a day but we all can start doing small things for the change from today only. As we all know that Delhi NCR is so much suffering from Pollution and its worse effects. And the pollution is the main cause in the increase of mosquitoes and other insects in Delhi NCR so now it is the prime time that people should get together to save the Delhites in the best way they can.

With the big concern, IIP Foundation has laid a big commute across the deadly diseases like- Dengue and Chickengunia which is spreading very quickly everywhere.Und er IIP Foundation Corporate Social Responsibility, the MD of IIP Foundation Mr. Rajesh Goyal understanding his duty and responsibility towards the society had vision to plant or sell the Artemisia plants to people at an authentic nominal cost within 3 months. People must get conscious about the health benefits of Artemisia.

Artemisia or Wormwood also known as Damnak in ayurvedic terms. Wormwood is an herb. The above ground-plant parts and oil are used for medicine. Artemisia plant is very much beneficial as it is the cure of Dengue, Malaria and Chickengunia. People should plant this Artemisia in their garden or in any pot so that they can be safe from these deadly ailments. The best part about this plant is that, all the four things its leaves, flowers, stem and root can be used in daily life for several body medications. Artemisia is used for various Digestion problems such as loss of appetite, upset stomach, gall bladder disease and intestinal spasms. Artemisia is also used to treat fever, liver disease and worm infections and also to stimulate sweating. Artemisia oil is also used for digestive disorders and to stimulate imagination. There is a very ancient proverb which describes the nature of Artemisia and that is: “as bitter as Wormwood” because Artemisia is bitter in nature but on the other hand very useful for the human body and it is the reasonable ‘Sanjeevani booti’ of modern times.

Posted on Dec 29, 2015

Health benefits of Artemisia

• Aids in reduction of fever & inflammation
• Helps to improve digestion
• Provides relief from stress and anxiety
• Promotes discharge of bile from liver into stomach
• Beneficial in providing relief from parasitic worms found in human body
• Effective in preventing deadly diseases like Dengue & Chicken Guniya

Other uses: Effective insect repellant, used in sprays, vaporizers and fumigants

Caution : Avoid large doses and prolonged use of Artemisia essential oil

Artemisia is also known as Damanak in the Ayurveda (traditional Indian herbal literature). The bitter components and acids render Artemisia an excellent remedy for digestive issues. This is primarily because a bitter flavor on the tongue actually causes the gallbladder to produce and release bile. Contrary to popular belief, it is often too little acid production that leads to most indigestion, not an excess of it. It is also noted as being useful in alleviating fever, expelling parasitic worms like roundworm from the digestive tract, and for its tonic effects. It may also be applied topically to reduce inflammation of insect bites and promote healing. Wormwood is also noted to be useful in treating jaundice, a sign of liver dysfunction.

How to grow Artemisia

• Water your Artemisia daily and give it a lot of sun
• When the plant is 1 hand high: Plant it out into the garden
• 4 weeks after planting out: Take your first cuttings
• 4 weeks later, transplant the cuttings into pots

Artemisia in the News

Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours

According to the researches published in “Life Science”, artemisinin, a “Sweet wormwood” or “Artemisia Annua” derivative, was used in Chinese medicine and it can kill 98% of lung cancer cells in less than 16 hours.

Posted on Dec 29, 2015


Artemisia plant belongs to the daisy family Asteraceae. It is an enormous,distinct genus of plants with almost 200-400 species. Artemisia is a herbal plant which includes various species like wormwood, mugwort and sagebrush. Several species are used in herbal medicines.

Why Artemisia is such an important herb and its necessity in today’s times
Artemisia is an efficient remedy for many diseases like – Dengue, Malaria and Chickengunia. With this plant in your house, you will be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting affected by dengue and chickengunia. Artemisia is known as Damnak in Ayurveda and carries many Ayurvedic benefits as well. This plant also helps in the recovery from the above mentioned ailments.

IIP Foundation has taken a step forward and joined hand with the Pusa Institute in the drive against Dengue and chickengunia. The Managing Director of IIP Foundation Mr. Rajesh Goyal said – “It is high time that we all should come forward to not let dengue mosquitoes attack us so a big drive is the need of the hour".

IIP Foundation truly cares about Health and Wellness of people and is focusing on this unique approach to addressing the issue related to spread of Dengue. This drive is about making Delhi NCR free from Dengue and Chickengunia. This is the vision of IIP and with this in mind, we at IIP pledge that within 3 months IIP will give away the Artemisia plants to people at a very nominal cost. Nowadays, most of us are aware of the climate change and the degradation of our environment. Not only India, all the developed nations are lacking in saving the environment and our earth. The latest Paris Submission was on climate change only and all the developed and developing countries had taken the oath to save the environment (Earth) from Global Warming and other environmental issues. But this is not the work of a single person or a country, the whole world has to come forward to save our climate so that natural disasters like the recent one happened in Chennai may not happen again in any other parts of India or in any other country.

Just like the IIP foundation that has came forward to protect the environment and the health of the people specially those suffering from Dengue, Malaria and Chickengunia, everyone must unite in the fight against these diseases and actively use this wonderful, magical plant Artemisia to eliminate these deadly diseases from India and specifically from Delhi NCR. We all are aware that how a few months back Delhi had lost so many lives to Dengue and many people had to undergo this trauma. Dengue and Chickengunia should no longer attack people and must be eradicated.

Posted on Dec 28, 2015

Let’s prevent Dengue with Artemisia

Human illnesses from mosquito-borne viruses are becoming more common in India, even in areas where they have not been reported before. The chance that you will fall ill from a mosquito bite is high; however you can reduce your chances of becoming ill by protecting yourself from mosquito bites.

There are basically two ways to prevent problems from mosquito bites. The first is to control or reduce mosquito populations as much as possible.

The second prevention tool is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellents may keep mosquitoes at bay, but excessive use of these products for long periods could pose some serious health risks. According to the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission, US, “ long-term use of Alithrin and Prallethrin, the two major chemicals in these products, are hazardous to human health. They primarily affect our respiratory and immune systems, and in extreme cases, even our nervous system”

Smoke-based mosquito repellents such as coils can trigger wheezing attacks, especially in those who are prone to allergies and asthma Experts believe that excessive use of mosquito repellent creams and lotions too must be avoided. “It is a myth that these substances remain on the skin and so can’t have any adverse effects. Actually, lotions eventually get absorbed into the body and enter the bloodstream. So the safety of these products is also questionable”

The manufactures say, “If consumers adhere to the directions of use as mentioned on the labels, there should not be any problem. For instance, one should always use liquid vaporizers with the windows open, and avoid excessive use of lotions and creams”

The rebuttal from customer is “What is the point of using a vaporizer if the windows are kept open? It would only mean inviting more mosquitoes to come in”

The question here is
Is it possible to avoid the use of mosquito repellants altogether?

We at IIP Foundation say “Why not”
Plants represent one of the most accessible resources available for mosquito control by communities for centuries and at IIP Foundation we believe that there should be a continued use of this natural resource to add value to the current mosquito and mosquito-borne disease control strategies. Keeping this in mind we have started a “Dengue Free Drive” and we invite all of you to be a part of this drive.

Artemisia is a Natural herb that can be kept at home, office, schools, institutions, hospitals etc. for eliminating Mosquito population. When a mosquito sits on this plant and sucks it juice it affects his nervous system and in turn it become ineffective to breed further. You can place it both indoors or out doors. It is a therapeutic plant that will help to prevent yourself and your loved ones from deadly diseases like
✔ Dengue
✔ Malaria
✔ Chikunguniya

Apart from this,there are many other Health benefits of Artemisia as well.The plant is
✔ Anti bacterial
✔ Anti Viral
✔ Anti oxidant
✔ Helps control bronchitis and asthma
Artemisia emits a pleasant fragrance that will energize your mind and body as well.

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