Let’s prevent Dengue with Artemisia

Written By : Rajesh Goyal ( Director )

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Human illnesses from mosquito-borne viruses are becoming more common in India, even in areas where they have not been reported before. The chance that you will fall ill from a mosquito bite is high; however you can reduce your chances of becoming ill by protecting yourself from mosquito bites.

There are basically two ways to prevent problems from mosquito bites. The first is to control or reduce mosquito populations as much as possible.

The second prevention tool is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellents may keep mosquitoes at bay, but excessive use of these products for long periods could pose some serious health risks. According to the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission, US, “ long-term use of Alithrin and Prallethrin, the two major chemicals in these products, are hazardous to human health. They primarily affect our respiratory and immune systems, and in extreme cases, even our nervous system”

Smoke-based mosquito repellents such as coils can trigger wheezing attacks, especially in those who are prone to allergies and asthma Experts believe that excessive use of mosquito repellent creams and lotions too must be avoided. “It is a myth that these substances remain on the skin and so can’t have any adverse effects. Actually, lotions eventually get absorbed into the body and enter the bloodstream. So the safety of these products is also questionable”

The manufactures say, “If consumers adhere to the directions of use as mentioned on the labels, there should not be any problem. For instance, one should always use liquid vaporizers with the windows open, and avoid excessive use of lotions and creams”

The rebuttal from customer is “What is the point of using a vaporizer if the windows are kept open? It would only mean inviting more mosquitoes to come in”

The question here is
Is it possible to avoid the use of mosquito repellants altogether?

We at IIP Foundation say “Why not”
Plants represent one of the most accessible resources available for mosquito control by communities for centuries and at IIP Foundation we believe that there should be a continued use of this natural resource to add value to the current mosquito and mosquito-borne disease control strategies. Keeping this in mind we have started a “Dengue Free Drive” and we invite all of you to be a part of this drive.

Artemisia is a Natural herb that can be kept at home, office, schools, institutions, hospitals etc. for eliminating Mosquito population. When a mosquito sits on this plant and sucks it juice it affects his nervous system and in turn it become ineffective to breed further. You can place it both indoors or out doors. It is a therapeutic plant that will help to prevent yourself and your loved ones from deadly diseases like

✔ Dengue 
✔ Malaria 
✔ Chikunguniya

Apart from this,there are many other Health benefits of Artemisia as well.The plant is

✔ Anti bacterial 
✔ Anti Viral 
✔ Anti oxidant 
✔ Helps control bronchitis and asthma

Artemisia emits a pleasant fragrance that will energize your mind and body as well.

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Posted on :15 March 2018