Photography Contest ‘Cultural Values of India’

By : Rajesh Goyal ( Director )

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‘Culture is the widening of mind and of the spirit’, very correctly said. And focusing this quote IIP Foundation is really proud to sponsor the Photography contest ‘Cultural Values of INDIA’ organized by ‘World Photographers Club’. This competition will be online and open for all the photographers from all over of the world. This photography contest had been started from 20th December, 2015 and the submission will be closed on 1st April, 2016, the voting will start from 15th January, 2016 and it will summarize on 10th April, 2016 then the judging will dawn on 11th April, 2016 and the final results will be notified on 21st April, 2016. Now, the question arises that why Culture of India is chosen as a theme and what is so different about this contention? As the technology is growing very rapidly, our culture is lacking behind somewhere. Nowadays, children know about the new gadgets in the market, about new machinery and robotics but they don’t know much about their culture, the history behind the beliefs of people, the traditions and rituals the India follows. This is a transitional era, this is the phase in which we can regain our lost cultural ethics so to promote the civilization of our beautiful India, this magnificent Photography event has been framed. This tug-of-war is peculiar as it does not have any age criteria and strict rules to be followed. It’s just the theme must be chased. And the top 250 voted entries will get Participation Certificate and the First 3 winners will be rewarded by ‘Certificate of Excellence’.

IIP Foundation is all available to promote Culture and Folk of India, Education and Heath in India and thus associating/ collaborating with all possible Brands, Clubs, NGO's, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Ministries of Various States and Government of India.

IIP’s Mission is to endorse the Cultural ideals of India, to do collaborations with as many as foundations, schools, universities etc for the sake of promotions and even The Ministry Of Culture will be an important chunk of this Photography Contest Fest.

IIP’s Vision is to reclaim our lacking Culture and to push the promotions so well that more and more people should get aware of this event as well as about our adrift Culture so that the audience must involve themselves in this splendid Contest.

Under IIP Foundation Corporate Social Responsibility, IIP had strategically collaborated with the World Photographers Club to stimulate the Cultures, Traditions, Religions, Customs, and Rituals of our alluring India. Competitions, Melas, performance of Folk Artists are the best approaches of the promotions. IIP Foundation has that expertise sense of organizing the events. IIP is the hand behind this idea and took the initiative of sponsoring the advertising activities. The awards that will be given and the Jury who will select the best contenders will be of IIP Foundation only. IIP Foundation understands its responsibility and that is why offering such a massive platform to the budding as well as experienced Photographers and this will not happen only once, this Contest will be held either once a six months or a year on a regular basis.

India is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. The culture of India is the way of living of the people in India. India’s languages, regions, dance, music, architecture, food differ from place to place within the country. Many elements of India’s diverse Cultures such as Indian Religions, Indian Philosophy and Indian Cuisines, have had a profound impact across the world. And due to the theme of this contest, the photographers will be able to show and deliver the delicacy of Cultural Heritages as well as of the oldest and spiritual cities of India like- Kaashi, Varanasi, Prayag, Calcutta etc and specially the upcoming ‘Kumbh ka Mela’ which is the oldest medium of worshipping Gods and Kumbh is also the symbol of unity and sacredness of the diversified Religions and this event will the best opportunity for the photographers to showcase their talent in capturing the best pictures which displays the grace of Indian Culture and Unity.

Posted on Dec 29, 2015