HOLI: The Festival of Vibrancy

By : IIP Foundation

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Holi is not only for the colors but a kind of festival which is probably not found at any other place or country than India. Holi festival is more than colors with many fables, myths, and divinity. It is celebrated with various names, style, tradition but, what makes Holi so special is the zeal which remains the same throughout the country.

Different cities and states have their own legends to celebrate this day. Few of them are ‘Krishna leela at Mathura and Vrindavan’ where Holi is played throwing flowers and dry colors on one another following the legends that Krishna had started Holi creating a drama of Raas Leela for the beautiful Radha, that’s why everybody chants Radhe-Radhe while throwing colors and flowers.

Lath Maar Holi in Barsane is more famous and unique. Here Holi celebration is done with using laths or bamboo sticks. With a lots of drama and play men rush towards women to color them and women use laths lagging their mischievous efforts.

Elephant Festival on Holi in Jaipur is a big attraction for the tourists in the city. On this occasion, elephants are decorated and led through the streets of Jaipur magnificently. Afterwards they get involved in few interesting activities like elephant races, elephant polo etc. Playing with colors and fireworks are the part of this celebration.

Tribal celebrations in Banswara, a small town near Udaipur, celebrate Holi with a different culture and traditions of the Bhil tribe. On this day, Bhils are dressed beautifully and they perform traditional dance around a bonfire.

Whatever the celebration style or legends behind this, the most important part of this festival is its vibrancy. Like every festival in India, Holi is also celebrated with lots of sweets and edibles but one thing uncommon that is intoxicating bhang characterizing to this festival.

IIP Foundation feels proud being a part of so rich and vast culture of India, no country or place can stand in front of.

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Posted on Feb 23, 2017