5 Hills with the best view of the Kumbh gathering

By : Sudhanshu Kesarwani

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There is no greater gathering of people at one place than at the Kumbh. The sheers scale is imaginable. For a panoramic view of this gathering, climb up one of the following hills:-

1. Bilwa Parvat

Housing the shrine of Mansa Devi at its peak, the hill is accessible through a cable car ride which gives a fantastic view of the city of Haridwar and the Kumbh Mela celebrations.

2. Neel Parvat

The abode of Chandi Devi, the hill with its two peaks, Shumbha and Nishumbha (named after the demons the Goddess slayed) gives a bird’s eye view if the celebrations down below.

3. Neelkanth Mahadev

While not exactly on the outskirts of Haridwar, this temple situated at a height of 1330 meters sees heavy footfall during the Kumbh and is a reflection of the religious devotion that attracts people to the Mela.

4. Maya Devi Temple

Climb a short hill near Har Ki Pauri to enter the fort like structure of the presiding deity of Haridwar, Maya Devi. One of the Shaktipeeths, the temple sees a long line of worshippers during the Kumbh, but never loses its mystic aura.

5. Vaishno Devi

Knowing that it’s an artificial hill does not take away from the charm of this replica of the shrine in Jammu & Kashmir. The colors, the peace, the chanting, and above all the crowd only add to the attraction of this place.

Posted on feb 1, 2016