5 Sights you must capture at Kumbh

By : Sudhanshu Kesarwani

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As the Haridwar Kumbh usually takes place in the month of Aquarius (Kumbh), many consider it the site of the original Kumbh Mela. While we can’t verify that,the fact remains that millions throng to the site to take part in the rituals and celebrations. If you are in Haridwar at the Kumbh Mela, there are a few sights you just have to capture:-

1. The holy dip

On occasions like Sankranti and Purnima, go to any of the bathing Ghats and marvel at the numbers which seem to be way beyond what your lens can capture.

2. The Naga sadhus

The modern day holy men are usually attired a bit more conservatively. The Naga Sadhus with ash smeared bodies and blood shot eyes, with not a thread of clothing, are something one sees only at the Kumbh.

3. Sadhus and chillum

It may be illegal, but sadhus sitting in a group, smoking hashish on the banks of the Ganges is a sight unique to the Kumbh Mela, and definitely worth capturing.

4. The processions

Erstwhile a hobby of the rich and famous, sadhus and their akharas compete to have the longest and loudest procession through the most important streets of Haridwar, asking for food and alms, while giving the appearance of not being affected. It’s a sight worth capturing, if only for the myriad colors and costumes on display.

5. The Bahrupiyas

The Kumbh Mela grounds are dotted with people dressing up like Shiva or Hanuman, ands asking people to pay them obeisance. While very few get fooled, the sight is curious enough for them to part with some token money. Most of these Bahrupiyas will gladly pose for a picture.

Posted on feb 1, 2016