5 Sights unique to the Kumbh

By : Sudhanshu Kesarwani

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The word Kumbh Mela evokes an image of a sea of humanity taking a dip in the chilled waters of the Ganges in a bid to wash away past sins and attain Nirvana. Here’s a quick list of some sights unique to the Kumbh:-

1. Middle aged women wrapper in layers of woolens touching the feet of the Naga sadhus who are as naked as the day they were born, their only covering a layer of ash and their matted long locks.

2. Bunch of monkeys sitting atop a temple looking at the feats and acrobatics performed by disciples from different akharas.

3. The craziest yoga postures that can put the most flexible of us to shame.

4. Flower and brocade decked elephants, horses, bullock carts, snake charmers – everything the West associates with ‘mystic’ India.

5. Foreigners mixing freely with Indians whether to take a dip in the Ganges or share a chillum or just be part of a procession.

Whether you choose to stay at an ashram, a hotel or in the tents dotting the banks of the Ganges, the religious fervor and the magnitude of the gathering is a humbling experience.

Posted on feb 1, 2016