Preserving the Precious - The Folk Art of Kerala

By : Rajesh Goyal ( Director )

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For those who are keen to know and understand the artistic heritage of India, then ideal choice is to reach over the Folk Lore Museum located at Chirakal in Kannur, Kerala.

IIP Foundation, under its keen interest in documentation of Indian Culture and Heritage, has been dropped at the place.

The costumes worn in the lordly exposition of Theyyem are the main attractions of the Folklore Museum. You can see a glimpse of live size Theyyam statues in full costume, ornaments, headgears, weapons as well as artifacts from different folklore arts from all over the state.

As per the records, around the 130-year-old building of the Museum has a huge collection of masks and weapons used in Patayani rituals performed in local Bhadrakali temples, and displays of todikkalam murals in its small but fully organized premise. This Folklore museum aims the preservation of the rich folk culture and heritage of Kerala.

Once visit the Folklore museum, you would find a superb collection of over 300 precious objects of folk art, including life-size replicas of various theyyams and patayani, folk and tribal musical and percussion instruments, farm implements and weapons. The museum also has over around 175 photographs that depict the drama of these art forms.

So If you have any story depicting the richness of our Indian Heritage then write to us on as IIP supports and preserves the documentation of Indian culture and tradition.

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Posted on jan 12, 2017