Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj – A real hero of the Indian History

By : IIP Foundation

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When Hindus were going through the subjugation and mortification as they were being murdered, suppressed, discriminated and restricted, their wives and children were being tortured and forcefully taken to slavery, Hindu temples were being demolished, Hindu Gods and goddesses were dishonored in various form due to the openly rules and regulations against Hindu religion and its followers by Mughals. Shivaji was the only one who stood-up firmly against Mughal to their injustice.

Shivaji was possessed with clear vision and targeted mission. He was the lord of an uplifting and adorable personality which was so impressive that no one could be untouched. The mission of ‘Swarajya’ has been planted in him by his mother Jijabai who was the saint of Maharashtra. He was prepared since his childhood to awake the sleeping soul of Hindus and show them the dream of riddance from Mughal power.

Shivaji had narrated to the people that how the foreign Muslim rules were imposed on them and made their motherland slave. He used to arise the feelings of them bringing forth the reality as “We are Hindus; this whole country is ours, and yet it is ruled by others. Muslims are breaking our faith, demolishing our temples, robbing our wealth and erasing our heritage. Most of the worst, they are forcefully converting our people in their religion, killing cows openly. How can not we be stood against these sufferings.” He was successful in his mission of uprooting the Mughal power.

The most important role Shivaji had played in Indian history that is the preservation of the culture and spirituality from the enemies who wanted to uproot it forever from its own land.

IIP Foundation salutes to the real hero of India especially on the occasion of his Jayanti celebrated in all over India on 19th February each year since 1627, his birth year. Seeing the present situation of India Shivaji’s rebirth is much needed.

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Posted on Feb 20, 2017