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Who does not want mental peace and self-satisfaction in life? But it’s not possible for everyone to get that truce in busy life. Just to contribute you some reconciliation, TGIS Destination (P) Ltd. had came out with a massive vision which will really help people in self-realization. TGIS Destination’s Silent Trails the Aranyani is a resort which is located in Padmanagar, in the district of Nainital. The Aranyani is on the top of the hills and nearby Bhimtal. Basically, the Aranyani is in the Himalayas and who does not want to go to Himalayas? Himalayas is not only a place, it is a sacred ground where saints were doing penance or meditation throughout their life in the search of peace and enlightment in the ancient times.

What is there so extraordinary about The Aranyani? Why one must go to this magnificent land?

The Aranyani is built on a heritage property which is more than 100 years old. It is made on the top of the hills in such a way that who so ever will come here will enjoy the great view of the glorious temple – “NANDA DEVI” and also of Nainital. The one who is believer of spiritualism will appreciate this place a lot. This place is full of positive energy which you will feel in the air and the environment around this place. This land indicates both adventure walk and temple walk. One will have all kind of adventures here and on the other hand he/she will feel their selves near god. The energy of spiritualism is very outrageous here in Aranyani.

There are Yoga and Meditation classes furnished to the customers who go there for the mental truce. All sorts of naturopathy are given here for the better comfort and relaxation of the mind. For the photographers, writers and painters those are keen interested in their professionalism, for them it is the best place to thorough their needs. The seasons there are the main attraction of the resort. The people living in north side or anywhere where they do not get to see snowfall will love the seasons here. The sky is so clean and clear in the mid mornings. The sunrise and sunset has some foggy nature but that also looks so alluring. A little bit mixture of cold and fog fascinates people to stay there for long duration. The flowers and birds which are seen there are distinct from what we usually see in the city. The flora and fauna habitat not only raise the delicacy of the environment but also it plays a vital role in balancing the ecosystem.

If we talk about the Aranyani Resort, then there are several traces that make this resort a significant one:

  • This resort is surrounded by valleys and snowy mountains which gives a pleasant sight to the eyes.
  • The rooms of this resort are designed in such an exclusive way that gives lavish and comfy look at the same time.
  • The hospitality of this resort is very fine and there are helpers present 24x7 to accompany you and guide you well about the resort and the areas nearby the resort.
  • There is a well stuffed library in the resort where one can peacefully read the holy or spiritual books or any other book present there. There are diverse scriptures written in the form of book which is very helpful in understanding the Vedas and Purans of our Hindu Mythology.
  • There are sitting lounges and a deck from where the valleys and the mountains are clearly visible and this view is extremely eye catchy.
  • The food served to the customers is very delicious in taste and is organic and clean in nature because the fruits and vegetables are directly plucked from the trees and plants, so that is why they are genuine fresh in character.
  • Even if anyone wants to cook food of their own choice then they can go to the kitchen and make whatever they wish to eat under the supervision of the chef and other helpers.
  • There are many sessions provided of Yoga and Meditation to the customers in the resort so that they could feel stress free for some time and they could get a space to think.
  • There are villagers who are eager to narrate stories of the old temples and other interesting things which are related to our ancient scriptures and spirituality.
  • There are trained people who will give lectures in Sanskrit and will spread knowledge on Indian Mythology and will tell us the core values of our life. They will also show us the path of getting peace in life and how to tackle with negativities and depression in life.
  • In the resort, there are sessions of naturopathy is also available. If someone is really suffering from pain in body so by giving natural medications, the pain can be relieved. Potli massage and other kinds of honey massages are also available which will help in removing pain and stress of body.

The Aranyani Resort is a full package of adventure and nature. This is not only a resort but a full rehabilitation centre where one can freely think, enjoy and learn many things. The location, the resort, the food, the activities, the seasons, the life at Aranyani, the flora and fauna habitat, everything you will find there is natural and full of life and lessons. Everybody is running in race, a race in which everyone wants to come first. But that’s not possible and those who don’t get first position become hopeless and depress in life. If a man is not happy, is so much stressed and tired then that person cannot do anything neither for the society and nor for the family. But on the other hand, if the person is happy and stress free then that person can do many good works for the upliftment of the society which in today’s world is terribly required. So, to seek this knowledge that there is no such race in life and everyone has unique qualities which make them special in their own self, one has the right to live happy and do something for the society, One devoir come Home to Himalayas!

This place is not only for the ambition of spiritualism but one can do lot many adventurous things, they can play many exploit sports like “Kayaking” and can do Trekking, Paragliding and much more. So, if one has become bore of his life and is tired doing the same things in life and really want healing then this is the chance My Friend, pull up your socks, buck up yourself and get ready to have some fun, excitement and experience in life which you will not be able to forget till you are alive. SO, COME HOME TO HIMALAYAS, TO LIVE YOUR LIFE AGAIN.

Posted on Dec 29, 2015