Indian Art and Cultural Documentation

By : Rajesh Goyal ( Director )

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Expression, Worship or Idealization…
“Theyyam” is more than these

India is a vast country having empire of the most ancient civilization. Indian Culture is one of the oldest and unequalled. Here is a unique culture of unity in diversity throughout the country. Every state, every city, every district and every village have its own culture. If we look into deep, then we find that almost every state has carved out its own cultural niche. One of the best example is Kerala.

IIP Foundation, under the project of "Indian Art and Culture Documentation" reached over to ‘Kannur’ district, state of ‘Kerala.’

Kannur district is known as the land of Looms and Lores. It is famous for its pristine beaches, native performing art, handloom industry and obviously one of its best the ‘Theyyam.’ Theyyam is a divine dance and can be considered as a form of worship. The best thing about Theyyam is that its not an arranged show or stage program but a dance ritual through which the gods are appeased and honoured. This ritual is based on a simple concept, that after this performance the god or goddess of that particular temple becomes temporally manifest in the body of the performer. That’s why people seek blessings from this Theyyam.

“It took me to the height of its divinity and spirituality” said Mr. Rajesh Goyal, The Director and Founder of IIP Foundation, who was in Kannur district in a series of research on traditional and folk dance culture of India in mid December 2016. Adding to his talk he said “it was a kind of cultural adventure. Existence of Theyyam in Kerala proves that there is still remained the belief and idealization of our Indian culture which is beyond of our digital era.”

Theyyam is an expression of human performance and devotion to God. it describes religious activities and reveals artistic value with belief, determination and passion.

Posted on jan 4, 2017