• Meaning and Types of Photography
  • Comparison between working of film photography v/s digital photography
  • Digital Camera Types and their working
  • Accessories with Digital Cameras (Tripods, Flash, Memory devices, etc.)
  • Lenses (Focal Length & Field of view, Wide Angle, Normal and Telephoto Lens , Prime & zoom lens, Zoom Ratio, Macro Lenses: Magnification, Depth of Field & Effective F-Stop, Macro Extension Tubes & Close-up Lenses, Lens Flare: What It Is and How to Reduce It, Lens Quality, Lens care)
  • Optical Filters (Ultravoilet (UV) Filters; Polarizing Filters; Using Neutral Density (ND) and Graduated Neutral Density (GND) Filters; Other optical, colour and special effect filters)
  • Exposure control in camera (Shutter; Aperture; ISO; White Balance; E.V. Exposure Bracketing)
  • Depth of field (Its importance, Factors affecting depth of field and its working)
  • Camera Flash: Light Quality & Appearance, Flash Ratios & Exposure
  • The concept of visual literacy - Sense and Perception of images.
  • Composition Rules (Impact, Focal point, Centre of interest, Perspective, Viewpoint, Shapes and form, Pattern, Movement, Creativity, Zone system, Leading lines, Balance, Contrast, Rhythm, Proportion, Emphasis, Scale & unity, Camera angles, layout principles, Using Diagonals, Rule of thirds, grids, spirals, negative and positive spaces)
  • Overview of different genres of photography (Nature, Landscape, Wildlife, Studio Portraiture, Fashion, photo-journalism, event photography, trick photography etc.)
  • Photo Studio Layout & its workflow
  • Lights and accessories used in Studio
  • Multiple Lights Setups, Shadow Management & Quality of Light
  • Understanding the Variables in Studio Portraiture and Product photography
Course Duration -3 Months / 12 Weeks
Class Schedule - Alternate days (M, W, F | T, Th, S) – Three Times a Week for 3 hours each
Fees :Rs. 15.000


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