7 Simple & Easy Tree-Planting Tips

Written By : Rajesh Goyal ( Director )

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  1.   Select a tree that's appropriate for the site. Is the soil heavy, sandy, wet, dry, acidic, alkaline? Is the spot sunny, shady, windy, cold? Choose a tree that will prosper under the local conditions. Also, pick a healthy tree: no broken branches or scraped bark, and plenty of roots (with healthy, white tips). Keep its roots moist and plant it as soon as possible.
  2.   Dig the hole a few inches wider than the roots spread. If the soil is loamy and well drained, make the hole a few inches deeper than the root ball. If it's heavy and clayey, make the hole a few inches shallower than the root ball and cover the top roots with soil and mulch. This will raise the plant out of the hole some to avoid poor drainage. In either case, don't add compost or fertilizers, which may discourage the roots from moving out of the hole.
  3.   Poke the sides of the planting hole with a garden fork to loosen the surrounding earth. Use the fork also to break up any large clods in the backfill earth.
  4.   Set the tree so the soil-level mark on the trunk is even with the top of the planting hole (unless the soil is so heavy you need to raise the plant a bit out of the hole). You can eyeball this by laying your fork across the hole. Remove any covering that the tree came in (otherwise it may die from constricted roots) and prune off any bad roots.
  5.   Spread the roots, backfill the hole halfway, and water the soil. Watering helps eliminate air pockets by packing the soil around the roots.
  6.   Complete the backfilling and create a low ridge around the hole to help hold in water. Spread peat moss, pine bark, compost, or other organic mulch around the tree (but not touching the trunk) to retain as much moisture as possible and to suppress weeds.
  7.   Water the tree thoroughly now—and during dry weather for the first year. Until a tree's roots have spread well out into its new home, it is very vulnerable to water stress. If you plant it and forget it, it may die during a summer dry spell. So throughout that first year, nurse the tree when necessary. It should return the favor by growing healthy and strong for decades. 
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Posted on :15 March 2018