Himalaya Photography Center

Laying added impetus to photography learning built on exploration, IIP welcomes you all to the IIP Photography Center located at Silent Trail - Sanctuary, Jilling Estate, Uttarakhand. A magnificent window to study nature, fine art, abstract, star trails, self awareness and realization.  Turning the lush green landscapes of the mighty Himalayas into scintillating fine art visual stories, it lays the perfect platform for the photographic enthusiasts to exercise their lenses, as varied forms of fine art and landscapes are coming to life.

Apart from bringing alive the conservation of nature, the photography centre advocates the upliftment of education, culture in a healthy and enriching environment.

Studio & Campus

With the vast serenading landscapes of the mighty Himalayas forming the ideal background, letting the brain and the camera lenses soak in the beauty of nature is an enthralling experience that can’t be captured in mere words. As for the ardent photography students, this learning can be summed as nothing short of a lifetime’s experience.

With photo walks, constant one-to-one and group discussions, model shoot learning and a lot more, every picture emerging bears a stamp of a deep creative learning and appreciation for finer aesthetics.

As the lush green landscapes of the mighty Himalayas turn into a mesmerizing diaspora of scintillating fashion and fine art visual stories, every trail turns into a ramp for tasteful model shoot studies.

The Perfect Picturesque Location

Soak in the beauty of a heritage property perched on the top of a mountain, exemplifying preservation of forest and the environment overall as our resolve.

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