IIP teen school

With the intent to make photography learning accessible and integral in growing up years,
IIP presents TeenSchool
An enlightening space for high school students to develop their skills as visual storytellers.

Since its inception, IIP has nurtured and honed over 18,000 photography enthusiasts and students in using cameras as tools to tell their own stories, build community, and contribute to social change. Helping them embark on a photographic journey that starts with them reading a photograph to being ready to click a photograph.

Housed in IIP’s state-of-the art facilities in Noida, IIP TeenSchool creates learning spaces for students in sync themselves in the traditions and teachings of analogue image making. The program is designed to cultivate visual literacy, personal vision, and leadership skills through classes focused on the techniques and history of photography and visual culture.

With a tailor-made structure to suit every learning need, this unique program includes photography across various mediums with emphasis on digital and new media. Not just confined to classrooms, the students can also imbibe the art of photography through a well-stocked library, practice sessions, mentor reviews, workshops and a lot more. The curricula is youth-centered and centred towards the development of every student’s artistic bent, presentation skills and achievements.

IIP Institute

IIP Institute enables motivated students to advance their photography and holistic skills while developing an awareness of the creative and professional possibilities in photography.
* A well-structured curriculum * Hands-on Camera practice * Guidance of renowned photographers * Accessibility to IIP’s studio and library * Professional counseling for pro photography * Photography Study Tours

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TeenSchool 2019 curriculum pdf Teen School Scholarship Application
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