Travel Photography – A Photo Tour to Kumbh at Haridwar

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A Good Photo Tour is all about having Great Photographic opportunities and plenty of time to take Photographs! IIPians had both at Kumbh in Haridwar!

Travelling is all about experiencing the people, food, culture, vibes, fantastic views and the unforgettable imprint it leaves on your mind, body and soul. The best part is that you can capture and immortalize all those moments. This is what photography tours are made of. Photography enthusiasts, amateurs, advanced and professional photographers, who seek to have a memory, a story or an incident immortalised in a frame swear by these Photo tours.

The Students at Indian Institute of Photography took the Photo tour to Kumbh at Haridwar. Defined by colours, unity in diversity, death and birth, indulgence and spirituality, Haridwar is a land of myrid cultures and hues. Kumbh Mela presents a unique opportunity to everyone to experience this first hand. Forget about the Photography enthusiasts,even people with no camera are captivated by the sheer display at the Ghats of Ganges and regret not bringing a camera with them.

And that’s not all, the IIPians also got a chance to capture the beauty of tiny, traditional workshops, cultural beauty, bazaars or markets etc.. This tour just wasn’t about photography alone; it was also about the spirit of photography, the need for capturing incredible beauty through the lens.

At IIP Foundation it is our constant endeavor to promote our ancient, divine history and culture amongst youth so that they become acquainted with its unique culture and possibilities. This Photo Tour is just another step in this direction.

Posted on feb 18, 2016