Looms of Kannur: Fading away with the time

By : Bhavya Goyal

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Kannur district in state of Kerala is known for the loom as ‘Looms of Kannur’ is famous worldwide. When our researchers of IIP reached over to Kannur documenting this art under its initiative of “Documentation of Indian Heritage & Culture”, the whole picture was very disappointing.

In-spite of its alluring creation and beautiful designs the color of Looms is fading away with the passes of time and this industry is struggling with a globalized market of machine made cloths. If we look onto the past market researches we will find that in few past years, the production and consumption of handloom products in Kannur are fallen down approximately 50% of the whole.

The process of looms in Kannur is very interesting as from thread making through the use of Charkha, coloring and mixing of unlimited colors manually, weaving and finishing in innumerable designs separately to the final output is 100% handmade fabric and the most interesting part of the process is that all the activities from raw to final is done at a place only.

The main products are shirting, Furnishing,Turkish towels, Sateen sheets Crepe and Lungies Earezha thorthu etc. Kannur Mundu is a popular variety among these. Designs are available in line, checks, patterns, figures, plain, designers’ styles, polka dots etc. Customized designs in any chosen colors are also available to pamper you.

Researches prove that the cotton fabric is comfortable and better in every usage either sleeping sheets, clothes, foot matts, blankets, jackets or table cloth than the fabric made from synthetic fibers because cotton naturally allows your skin to breathe.

India is a big exporter of cotton fabrics and for export of handloom products Kerala mainly depending upon the products from Kannur. But in domestic market the value of this invaluable category is ignored. People likes to wear jeans than a traditional wear of Lungi, to use machine made cloth than handmade fabrics and this is the main reason that weavers of looms in Kannur are disappearing and forced to leave this traditional business coming from hierarchy.

IIP wants to give its all support to preserve this beautiful Indian art and artist, The Looms of Kannur. If you want to color your life with the colorful looms of Kannur then you may order and get the stuff through courier from

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Posted on jan 28, 2017