Prevention of Diabetes

Prevention of Diabetes

Self Care Diabetic Management Course

7 Days Course

Day 1 All about Diabetes

1. Diabetes – Then and Now
2. Why did we start this course?
3. How you can benefit from it
4. National and International Trends on Diabetes and its growth rate

Day 2

1. What is diabetes?
2. Type of diabetes
3. Symptoms of diabetes
4. Who is on high risk and why?

Day 3

1. How to recognize the symptoms
2. Difference between normal and abnormal Blood Sugar
3. Family history/Genetics & Diabetes
4. Is diabetes is preventable
5. Role of stress in diabetes
To be healthy, remember DEED

Day 4

Diabetes & Diet
1. How every food converts to glucose before absorption in your body
2. Low Calorie diet
3. High Calorie diet
4. Moderate diet>
5. Tips to cook delicious food that does not increase blood sugar


Diabetes & Exercise
1. Why exercise (calorie intake)
2. Benefits of exercise for a healthy individual
3. Benefits of exercise for diabetes patient
4. Alternatives to exercise
5. Duration and frequency of exercise


Diabetes & Media
1. Misleading information provided by the TV channels, News papers and magazine advertisement
2. What attracts patients to these false claims?
3. Downfall of falling prey to such claims

Day 7

Diabetes & Drugs
For type-1
Insulin’s as per the requirement
For type-2
A. Non-Pharmacological or non-drug treatment
1. Diet control, Non - veg
2. Exercise
3. Use of some vegetables juice/powder/extracts etc.
B. Composition of Pharmacological drugs
a. Basic drugs
b. Two-drugs combinations
c. Tri-drug combination
d. Consultation from the doctor
For type-3 (Gestational Diabetes)
1. Insulin Limitation of –
1. Herbal drugs
2. Oral Drugs
3. Insulin

New approach of treatment –
Complimentary Alternative medicines (when modern/allopathic medicines use to control blood sugar while another/herbal medicines restore the health) Utility to keep your blood sugar record and how it is useful to you.


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