Promoting a stronger culture for India

By : Sona Ghose

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“Saarang” the annual festival at IIT Madras derives its name from the very qualities it hopes to exemplify Creativity, Excellence and talent among its participants and organizers alike. IIP Foundation is a proud partner and sponsor for its “Photography Contest”. Saarang hosts a variety of cultural events broadly split up into Performing arts, literary arts and Fine arts along with a variety of fun informal events for students to showcase their skills. The festival will be held from 6th to 10th January 2016. Some of the popular shows are ‘Quizzing, Design Fest, Speaking, Writing, Design & Media etc. And there are pro shows for which the audience has to book the tickets in advance. These Pro shows are– ‘Classical Night, Choreo Night, EDM Night (DJ from Mars), Rock Show and Popular Night by Vishal & Shekhar.’

At IIP Foundation our prime objective is to promote the culture of India via Photography and this event provides us a perfect platform to do so. We take pride in our strong cultural heritage and would take all steps necessary to popularize it. The advent of globalization has made an impact on our culture that has also evolved with time. However, it becomes important that we adapt new things without losing the basic character of our long cherished traditions and values. Strengthening and enriching cultural identities is one of major objectives of IIP Foundation.

Education plays a fundamental role in development, including cultural development. The culture of our country is not confined to only scholarly culture, but also includes popular culture. It is not restricted to the heritage, but is enriched and developed through both creativity and memory. A living culture cannot be inward looking; exchanges make it fertile. At IIP Foundation we look forward to promote all such activities that promote cultural exchange. We support all those educational institutes who step up their cultural activities in favor of the community.

At IIP Foundation we firmly believe that education should not solely aim at the fulfillment of the personality and openness to other perceptions, but also at the development of aesthetic and artistic appreciation, as well as the stimulation of creativity. There should be more of this education at different levels of study, more emphasis on its cognitive effects, particularly through an interdisciplinary approach, and an enhancement of its academic significance. IIP Foundation offers many scholarships to deserving candidates who wish to pursue photography.

Posted on Jan 2, 2016