When Shriram Group of Colleges visited the world of photography at IIP and Sepia Advertising

By : Rakesh Bhardwaj

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IIP Academy believes in educating the next generation and they do not restrict their idea of education to the boundaries of their campus. Rather their ideology drives them to reach out to hundreds and thousands of young adults who are interested in pursuing a life of a true photographer and an insightful artist. They have been teaching the pupils of tomorrow to spread their wings in the magical world of art even outside their educational decorum and inviting students from all colleges and every other discipline to involve in their methodology to perceive arts.

The recent visit of the BFA second year students of Shri Ram Group of Colleges proves the same in the IIP Academy campus and inside the darkroom of professional work with their additional visit to IIP Founder Mr. Rajesh Goyal’s pioneering advertising agency called Sepia Advertising. The students have not only experienced the infrastructure and the methodology of studying advertising but they have also experienced how an artistic photo can be used in the professional scenario of advertising and help brand and market a product.

The enthusiastic students and the future artists of Shri Ram Group of Colleges along with their faculty visited Sepia advertising to understand the working procedures and the idea behind that of an advertising agency. Their visit has been enlightening to shape their idea of the professional life that they are about to enter. A first-hand exposure to the professional world built the bridge between their artistic ideas and how the corporate structure demands their expertise to channelize and add value to their products. It was not only helpful for the students to gain a sense of responsibility for their work when working in a professional sphere, it also was immensely instructive to help them focus in their core areas and build a career worth looking forward to.

The prodigal founder Mr. Rajesh Goyal with 26 years of experience in both photography and the domain of advertising spent a jolly good time with the future creative-catalysts who are going to turn the world of photography around in coming days. He shared his vivid experiences and enormous knowledge of the sector with the artisans of tomorrow’s art and advertising world. He taught them a little and he learned from them as well, as they spent a meaningful day in discussing the nuances of such a career choice and internalizing the importance of focus in both the worlds, photography and advertising. As one form deals with a technical focus as well as an analytic one the later deals with a conclusive communicational focus, but both, pretty much, employing the most of our creative capability by creating a sense of parameters and balance. This is what advertising is, knowing exactly what do we want to say and how can we do away with most of the unnecessary details yet not hampering or losing the relevant ones.

What Mr. Shailesh Goyal taught the future students was even more colorful, given the fact that Mr. Shailesh Goyal is the man of colors and the one who deciphers the language of visual communication as per the thought of the creator, Mr. Rajesh Goyal. Mr. Shailesh Goyal, an expert in the sector of designing and visual, shared his excellence in creating as well as understanding of the visuals that shape advertising in its specific form, the print and digital creative designs. He did not restrict his teaching to the concept of designing rather gave them a taste of the technicalities and the rules to follow while creating a design creative. p>

It was a well conclusive and bird-eyed perspective that the students enjoyed experiencing especially when they understood how art in the real world actually works. They were curious to enter the artistic world and they were further inclined to finally feel in their innermost sensation what the art of photography actually feels like. It’s blissful and yet so very accomplishing. Photography is not only an emotional tool, it’s as much a powerful tool to bring out what’s hidden inside all of us.