IIP Foundation Collaborated with Siffcy Film Festival 2015 held at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi

By : Rajesh Goyal ( Director )

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The objective behind the workshop was that the Children are all about exploring, adventure and imagination! What better way to put these to good use, than learning the creative art of photography! It was conducted by the current batch at IIP under the Aegis of Ms. Aastha Sharma. Each kid at the workshop was assigned a mentor. The one-on-one setting allowed each child to get the attention they needed. It also helped them to get quick answers to all their queries whether creative or technical.

Also, it was a great learning experience for the students of IIP. They took great pride in teaching the kids the significance of the background, geometry, angle, proportion, aesthetics, and all other aspects that make a photograph truly beautiful. The photographs taken at the workshop would enter various competitions. All the kids received appreciation certificates from IIP Foundation. We at IIP Foundation are passionate about photography and we believe that we must share our knowledge and expertise with those who might not have ever had the chance to learn about this type of art. IIP Foundation announced scholarships for the deserving kids of smile foundation.

“Watching the “ah-ha” moments of reaction is the best part about teaching such a creative skill as photography” said Akshay, a mentor at the workshop.

While concluding the workshop Mr. Rajesh Goyal said “It was so inspiring for me to see how creative these kids are with their photography, and they surprised me about their insight about photography as well. Although most of the kids are beginners, they are enthusiastic about learning photography and show a great passion for it.”

We at IIP believe that when we empower young minds to develop skills as photographers, we will raise awareness of the reality of socioeconomic issues through the eyes of the youth who confront those realities every day. We use a unique approach that combines art and advocacy to bring about a change in the society that we live in. for more information call 9999 108206...

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Posted on Jan 2, 2016