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India is a vast country having empire of the most ancient civilization. Indian Culture is one of the oldest and unequalled. Here is a unique culture of unity in diversity throughout the country. Every state, every city, every district and every village of India have its own culture.
IIP Foundation has initiated to documenting Indian art and richness under its ‘Indian Heritage and Culture’ column. Here you will find a rarified collection of art, folk, dance, music, culture, ritual, tradition etc. which after going through you may feel the real India.

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Ladakh Festival- Showcase
of Indian Culture & Performing Arts

Regional dance, folk singing, traditional music, colorful traditional Ladakhi dresses are the few phenomenal scenes of Ladakh Festival. ...

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Cremation in Banaras
Death is as Important as Life

When we talk about the religion, India wins the 1st place and it should be the number one in position as here many faiths are ...

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A Night of Awakening

Mahashivratri, as the name denotes, is a night of Lord Shiva. A full day fast, worship the Shivling with milk ...

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Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati: Messenger of God

When India was covered with a dark veil, no one was speaking about the moral and spirituality, Hindu religion ...

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
A real hero of the Indian History

When Hindus were going through the subjugation and mortification as they were being murdered, ...

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Looms of Kannur:
Fading away with the time

Kannur district in state of Kerala is known for the loom as ‘Looms of Kannur’ is famous worldwide. ...

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Jallikattu: Culture not Torture

Jallikattu is a typically practiced culture of India celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu on the occasion of Pongal ...

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Kathakali: An expressive tale

IIP, under its initiative of “Documentation of Indian Heritage and Culture” has brought forward a traditional tale in a form ...

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A Journey of larvae- From Cocoon to Silk Project researched g

Silk is considered to be a symbol of royalty and luxury not only for its lustrous look and soft feel but because it possesses ...

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Preserving the Precious
The Folk Art of Kerala

For those who are keen to know and understand the artistic heritage of India, then ideal choice is to reach over...

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Indian Art and Cultural

India is a vast country having empire of the most ancient civilization. Indian Culture is one of the oldest and ...

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Travel Photography – A Photo Tour to Kumbh at Haridwar

A Good Photo Tour is all about having Great Photographic opportunities and plenty of time to take ...

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IIP Foundation in association with Maulik Bharat Trust, All Grass Root Newspapers of India (AGNI), ...

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5 Hills with the best view of the Kumbh gathering

There is no greater gathering of people at one place than at the Kumbh. The sheers scale is imaginable ...

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5 Sights unique to the Kumbh

The word Kumbh Mela evokes an image of a sea of humanity taking a dip in the chilled waters of the ...

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5 Sights you must capture at Kumbh

As the Haridwar Kumbh usually takes place in the month of Aquarius (Kumbh), many consider it the site ...

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5 Prettiest temples to see during Kumbh

Pilgrims to the Kumbh have a unique chance of seeing some of the prettiest temples in Haridwar, ...

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Promoting a stronger culture for India

“Saarang” the annual festival at IIT Madras derives its name from the very qualities it hopes to exemplify ...

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5 Spots not to miss at Kumbh

Whether you are visiting The Kumbh Mela for religious purposes or simply out of sheer curiosity, there are ...

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Who does not want mental peace and self-satisfaction in life? But it’s not possible for everyone to get that ...