An enlightening space for high school students to develop their skills as visual storytellers.

Since its inception, IIP has nurtured and honed thousands of photography enthusiasts and students in using cameras as tools to tell their own stories, build community, and contribute to social change.

Housed in IIP’s state-of-the art facilities in Noida, IIP Teen PhotoSchool creates learning spaces for students to locate themselves in the traditions and teachings of analogue imagemaking. The program is designed to cultivate visual literacy, personal vision, and leadership skills through classes focused on the techniques and history of photography and visual culture.

With a tailor-made structure to suit every learning need, this unique program includes photography across various mediums with emphasis on digital and new media. Not just confined to classrooms, the students can also imbibe the art of photography through a well-stocked library, practice sessions, mentor reviews, workshops and a lot more. The curricula is youth-centered and centred towards the development of every student’s artistic bent, presentation skills and achievements.



Only with IIP’s Teen School Photography Program.

This learning module would comprise of various learning steps that would empower you to capture every angle, aspect and life on streets. So bring out your DSLRs and get clicking!

Classes - 8 sessions | Every Sunday | 2:30pm-5:30pm

Photography Sessions to be provided:
Class 1
  • Art of communicating visually
  • What is Street Photography & its significance
  • Camera Equipment for Street Photography
  • Ten Street Photography Tips and Ideas to Get You Started
Class 2
  • Lenses - their type, uses and care
  • Different exposure modes in digital cameras
  • Focus modes in DSLR cameras
  • Metering modes
Class 3
  • Outdoor on basis of Class 1 & 2 knowledge
  • practical learning, on spot doubt clearing & critique Visual literacy & Composition. (LODHI GARDENS)
Class 4
  • Photo review of last class
  • Exposure control - Aperture/Shutter speed/ISO
  • Exposure tringle
  • Depth of field
  • White balance
  • Exposure Value
Class 5
  • Outdoor on basis of Class 4 knowledge
  • Practical learning
  • On spot doubt clearing & critique
Class 6
  • Photo review of last class
  • Doubt clearing
  • Learning through pictures/examples
Class 7
  • Outdoor
Class 8
  • Editing on Instagram app
  • Social media handling & correct use of hashtags & certification.
TeenSchool 2019 School curriculum
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Course Duration : 2 Months
Total Course Fee : Rs: 12000 /-


You can pay the Application fee Rs.12000/- ( one time payment) by filling the Registration form.

Mobile : 9990324442 ,9015422322

Email : info@iipedu.com

Batch Opening From - 24 November 2019